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Motion Blur Wonder

This is a Photo Challenge to Capture the World in Motion from Inside a Vehicle
Motion Blur Wonder Photography Challenge from inside a vehicle

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Welcome to our latest photo challenge, where we invite you to explore the art of motion blur while capturing the world from a unique perspective – inside a moving vehicle. This exciting and dynamic photography technique can yield mesmerizing results when approached with creativity and the right techniques. So, fasten your seatbelts and let's dive into the world of motion blur photography! I shot these photos on a Nikon Z8 with a 28mm lens and a 40mm lens. You could use anything, but a slight wide angle could be easier to try.

Understanding Motion Blur Photography:

Motion blur photography is a technique that involves capturing long exposure images of moving objects, resulting in a blurred effect. This technique can create a sense of movement, speed, and energy in your photographs. In our photo challenge, we will focus on capturing motion blur images from inside a moving vehicle, adding an extra layer of complexity and excitement.

Getting Started:

  1. Choose the right vehicle: Usually within the photographic process one would opt for a vehicle that offers smooth movement and stability, such as a car, bus, or train. You would normally avoid vehicles prone to sudden jolts or vibrations, as they may negatively impact image quality for most photo projects. However, for this challenge on motion blur, any kind of jolts or vibrations could create some unusual and unique effects in the motion blur. Any vehicle could work as long as you are not driving the vehicle. This is very import. Do not attempt this if you are driving/operating the vehicle. That is dangerous!
  2. Gear up: A wide-angle lens is ideal for capturing a larger field of view. A sturdy tripod or a camera mount can help stabilize your shots. A fast aperture lens and a camera with manual mode are also recommended for greater control over exposure settings.
  3. Scout locations: Look for interesting environments that offer a mix of static and moving elements, such as urban cityscapes, landscapes, or passing scenery.

Techniques for Capturing Stunning Motion Blur Photos:

  1. Utilize slow shutter speeds: Capture motion blur by using slow shutter speeds, typically between 1/30th to several seconds, depending on the speed of the vehicle, your lens, distance to subject, and the desired blur effect.
  2. Adjust ISO and aperture: Balance your exposure settings by adjusting ISO and aperture. Lower ISO values (100 or lower) and smaller apertures (f/16 or higher) can help minimize noise and ensure a slower shutter speed, which is necessary in order to show motion.
  3. Focus on composition: Frame your shot by including both static and moving elements. Utilize leading lines, patterns, and textures within the scene to guide the viewer's eye.
  4. Experiment with panning: Panning involves moving your camera along with the motion of the vehicle, creating a sense of movement while keeping the subject in relative focus. This technique can yield unique and engaging results.
  5. Utilize post-processing techniques: Enhance the colors, contrast, and sharpness of your images during post-processing. Adjust the blur effect and experiment with different editing tools to achieve your desired look.

Post-Processing Tips:

  1. Adjust contrast and saturation: Enhance the colors and contrast in your motion blur photos to emphasize movement and energy.
  2. Sharpen and reduce noise: Sharpen your images and reduce noise to improve clarity and detail.
  3. Crop for composition: Crop your images to remove distractions and improve the overall composition.


Motion blur photography from inside a moving vehicle offers a unique and engaging way to explore the world of photography. By experimenting with different techniques and embracing your creativity, you can create stunning, captivating images that reveal the beauty hidden within the world in motion. So, grab your camera and join us in this photo challenge, and share your motion blur photography results with our community! Happy shooting!